The Top 25 Coolest (and Most Unconventional) Keyboards (Images)

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard ten dollar gray board to something straight out of a science fiction movie. Here’s a list of some of the coolest and strangest keyboards out there.

  1. The WristPC Keyboard: This keyboard is designed for “portable and wearable” computer applications, whatever that means.
  2. The Comfort Keyboard: This one can be split into three separate section, supposedly for added comfort. It also features key reprogramming and a programmable “rest period indicator.”
  3. Orbitouch keyless keyboard: This one is a little hard to explain. It was designed for people with “repetitive stress injuries” like carpal tunnel. As you can see, there are no keys.
  4. The Roll-Up Keyboard: This standard 104 key keyboard takes portability to a new level while providing surprisingly good tactile feedback.
  5. The Optimus Maximus keyboard: Little OLED displays on each key let you customize the layout. Probably the most talked about keyboard ever.
    Optimus Maximus
  6. DataHand Professional II: Another Keyboard focused on ergonomics. Is the normal keyboard really that uncomfortable?
  7. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard: A pretty creative keyboard considering the 1992 release date. It was designed to minimize carpal tunnel syndrome.
  8. The Frogpad: A keyboard meant to be used with one hand. Supposedly you could reach 40 words per minute with a days practice.
  9. The Twiddler 2: This is a one handed, hand held, keyboard. It wins the prize for most uncomfortable keyboard to use.
  10. The Tablecloth Keyboard: Designed by German designer Tonia Welter. Ideal for those who take every meal in front of the computer.
  11. The Combimouse Keyboard: This Australian company decided to do the impossible: Combine the keyboard and the mouse!
  12. The Apple Keyboard: Quite possibly the most beautiful keyboard ever crafted. Comes in wired and wireless varieties.
  13. The Virtual Laser Keyboard: You’ll definitely turns a few heads with this one. This “keyboard” allows the user to type on almost any flat surface.
  14. The Washable Waterproof Keyboard: Do you ever get the sudden urge to type underwater? If so, this keyboard is for you!
  15. The Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard: Basically, the fine people at Kinesis decided to split a keyboard in half and sell if for twice as much. Well Done!
  16. The SafeType Keyboard: This one is supposedly more comfortable to use than a regular keyboard. However, it’ll probably take a long time getting used to.
  17. Maltron’s Ergonomic Keyboard: This keyboard fits the shape of the hands to reduce tension. This may take some getting used to.
  18. The Maltron Executive Keyboard: Are you rediculously rich and want a heavy stainless steel keyboard? Well then this is the keyboard for you!
  19. Logitech diNovo Edge: This one’s up there with the Apple Keyboard. Sleek, Stylish, and with a touch of practicality..
  20. Fingerworks Keyboard: Strange Keyboard that originally retailed at $340. The keys are in fact a flat surface, making them awkward to type on.
  21. The Stealth Computer Keyboard: Made of strong component, this keyboard will function in even the most hazardous areas, or so they say.
  22. Happy Hacking Keyboard: This one is also a little hard to explain. It is supposedly coated using a special brush made from the hair of virgins and sprinkled with gold dust. And it’ll cost you 525,000 yen.
  23. ElekTex Fabric Keyboard: Similar to the Roll-Up Keyboard above, but a little more flexible and made of a different material. Good for people always on the go.
  24. The EZ Reach Keyboard: Another variation of the keyboard. Why do people feel they must repeatedly reinvent the wheel?EZ Reach
  25. Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard: This one should turn a few heads at the LAN Parties.Saitek

Update: A lot of our readers suggested the following keyboards and we responded. Enjoy.

  1. Das Keyboard: This keyboard features highly responsive tactile feedback, and the keys are completely blank.
    Das Keyboard
  2. The AlphaGrip: A controller style hand held USB ‘keyboard’ and trackball. Supposedly the “worlds most comfortable computing experience”
    The Alphagrip Keyboard Trackball


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