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How volcano as it exploded and Destruction On Earth Looks from Space from space view

Back in June, astronauts onboard the International Space Station took a few spectacular photos of the Sarychev Peak volcano as it exploded in a 5-mile high plume of ash and gas. Here's the even more spectacular video.

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cool entertaining Animal pictures Inspiration:Animals and Photography camera

Take a look at these entertaining pictures, you are going to see a bunch of animals very interested in photography. It’s fun and inspiring! (



Edge of the Universe: Hundreds of Millions of Stars

"Dark Flow" Discovered at Edge of the Universe: Hundreds of Millions of Stars Racing Towards a Cosmic Hotspot

Cosmos_2 "Dark Flow" sounds like a new SciFi Channel series. It's not! Back in the Middle Ages, maps showed terrifying images of sea dragons at the boundaries of the known world. Today, scientists have observed strange new motion at the very limits of the known universe - kind of where you'd expect to find new things, but they still didn't expect this. A huge swath of galactic clusters seem to be heading to a cosmic hotspot and nobody knows why.

The unexplained motion has hundreds of millions of stars dashing towards a certain part of the sky at over eight hundred kilometers per second. Not much speed in cosmic terms, but the preferred direction certainly is: most cosmological models have things moving in all directions equally at the extreme edges of the universe. Something that could make things aim for a specific spot on such a massive scale hasn't been imagined before. The scientists are keeping to the proven astrophysical strategy of calling anything they don't understand "dark", terming the odd motion a "dark flow"...