Best April Fools' Day Jokes List

on today, an extensive list of April Fools' Day Jokes that websites have run each year


Read - Space bot demands to be called "Dextre the Magnificent"
Read - Windows XP running on the iRex iLiad
Read - iPhone_iTouch_2.0_Beta_5a225c_ipsw
Read - Free Nokia 6630 bundled with Girl Talk mag for tweens
Read - Google's gDay with MATE searches the future
Read - Toshiba announces HD DVD+
Read - Think Geek's Betamax to HD-DVD Converter
Read - Qualcomm's HandSolo
Read - FireFold's Ultra High-Performance Coat Hanger
Read - Virgin and Google form Virgil for Mars expedition
Read - Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet, Board Game



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