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Shopping Car-t

Check out this stackable car, still in the design stages at MIT this little 2-seater electric unit is envisioned for city driving to encourage the use of public transport. They reckon they could encourage people to use the bus, train, or subway into the city and then have kiosks of city cars available for rent at stations on the other end stacked up like shopping carts, and returnable to any station kiosk.
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Battery Power

The city car is expected to weigh in around the 1000lbs mark and would be powered by lithium-ion batteries. It could be adapted to the city it’s used in, smaller cities might have a slower version, but in larger cities they reckon they could reach speeds up to 70mph to make it possible to drive on highways (That could be scary and fun, depending on the city!).
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A full working version prototype of this GM sponsored project is expected later this year, so we’ve probably got a while before one of these run over your toes on city streets - beep beep! However, you could start seeing these foldable scooters sooner, just unveiled last November at an autoshow in Milan, the electric Robo Scooter.
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